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Welcome to Former Undercover Agent Patrick Howell’s website and please, investigate the content in depth.

With his unique life experiences, Patrick Howell has laser sharp insight into true life success. You, too, deserve to…
Live Real, Live Prosperous, and Live Free.

Many of us were raised in an environment which fostered self-limiting beliefs. Getting our Dream Life was about as likely as winning the lottery. We could see that some people’s dreams come true, but we believed our odds of having an extraordinary life or doing anything great were next to impossible.

In the absence of pursuing our passions, we settle for an existence that may be good, but not great. Feeling inadequate, like something is missing, maybe even feeling frustrated or restless, we “use” different things throughout our lives that temporarily make us feel good such as relationships, hobbies, jobs, money, alcohol, drugs, sex and so on.

We call that LIVING. Patrick calls it LIVING UNDERCOVER.

If you have questioned the purpose in your life or thought there must be more…. you are right! If you are ready to really live, make that decision and let’s get started! Watch the short video above.

To understand how Patrick may be able to relate to where you are in your life right now, read more about Patrick’s story on the About Patrick page.