Faith is an Action, Not Just a Mindset


I have found Faith to mean many different things to different people. I recently spoke with someone who had no faith, literally! They had no concept of the word or its meaning.

After some quick reflection I suggested to them that as humans we have two choices. To believe that everything that happens, every day from moment to moment is just random, without purpose, without meaning -Or- to believe that there is some higher power, a force of energy that responds to our energy and draws to us the things we attract.

That’s it! It is one or the other. The simple choice to believe in a higher power is FAITH at its essence.

For me the power is God and for those of you who have faith in anything, I want to advance the meaning of faith a little more.

In it’s highest form, faith is not just a prayer or some grand wish to the universe, FAITH is taking action, believing that step by step you will create in your life the things that you most desire.

I wish for all of you an abundance of my favorite “F” word: FAITH!

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