The Single Most Important Part of Success

The Single Most Important Part of Success

What is it that you are desperate to be successful at? Whether it is sales, sports, music or anything else you can dream of, there is one characteristic that can change everything for you.

Think about every famous singer you can, every pro athlete or every mega-business millionaire. The reality is only 10% of them have a God-given talent or an innate ability to perform with little effort or training. The rest, the other 90%, have that one characteristic that most of us struggle with—BELIEF.

I have had the opportunity to interact with many music artists whose talents were only average at best. They “made it big” simply because they had the BELIEF that they could. The same applies to most pro athletes, most anyone who has made millions, and even to every president who has served our country.

Believe me when I tell you that I understand the things that sabotage our BELIEF. Our families, friends and even society in general, condition us to be average. Our only hurdle is to wade through other people’s beliefs and choose our own. The world will take you seriously when you become serious.

I dare say that nothing is impossible if you first DARE TO HAVE BELIEF!

Just Start


Merriam-Webster defines “start” as:  To do the first part of something; to begin doing something; or give attention to.

I want to encourage you to just start. Whatever it is that seems too big, out of reach, too hard, scary or any other limiting beliefs you have-it is not only do-able but it is also paramount to your personal freedom. If you’re wondering what my definition of personal freedom is, well here you go. It is that feeling of winning when there is nothing else to win. It’s what keeps you feeling like a winner, even when you suffer temporary defeat.

There have been countless times in my life when I have told myself If I could make this much money, have this house, buy this car, then I would be complete. But it never lasted. What I have come to believe, what I know to be absolutely true is I was not thinking big enough. I was not thinking generously enough, I was limiting my purpose to be only about me.

I challenge you to think beyond yourself, but rather how an extraordinary, spectacularly successful YOU could impact the lives of others spiritually, financially, physically–can you see it?

Now here is the kicker- you were created to do just that! There is an old phrase with so much truth, God don’t make no junk! I don’t know what talents you have, what passions you possess but you do. You have them for a reason. Be what you were created to be–JUST START!

An Extraordinary Person Lives Within You…Set Them Free!

What choices do you make that move you further away from the person you desire to be?

How much of your life are you pretending to be happy with?

I wish I could tell you that you can only live that way for so long but the truth is, most people will spend their entire existence living Undercover. I almost did. No More!

In order to really grow, to make a great leap toward fulfillment,
you must have balance in the 4 crucial elements of your life. The
Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial parts of ourselves need to align.

If you feel like your life is in a plateau or stalled out, ask yourself if you are really working on all four of those areas. Am I feeding myself spiritually? Am I taking care of my body, moving towards being fit? If your financially lacking, Am I on a path to increase? Do I have people in my life that I can truly connect with? The neglect of even one area will greatly limit what you can accomplish and how much joy is in your life.

Inspect what you Expect! Make a plan, set some goals, Execute and find balance.

An extraordinary person lives within you….set them free!

Faith is an Action, Not Just a Mindset


I have found Faith to mean many different things to different people. I recently spoke with someone who had no faith, literally! They had no concept of the word or its meaning.

After some quick reflection I suggested to them that as humans we have two choices. To believe that everything that happens, every day from moment to moment is just random, without purpose, without meaning -Or- to believe that there is some higher power, a force of energy that responds to our energy and draws to us the things we attract.

That’s it! It is one or the other. The simple choice to believe in a higher power is FAITH at its essence.

For me the power is God and for those of you who have faith in anything, I want to advance the meaning of faith a little more.

In it’s highest form, faith is not just a prayer or some grand wish to the universe, FAITH is taking action, believing that step by step you will create in your life the things that you most desire.

I wish for all of you an abundance of my favorite “F” word: FAITH!