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G. Patrick Howell was a long-time undercover agent until a catastrophic choice ended his career, marriage and almost his life. Is the real you living undercover?


Patrick Howell’s 13-year career as one of the country’s top undercover agents, combined with his million-dollar stint in the corporate world have created an expertise like no one else in the speaking arena. As one of the most promising new speakers in the motivational/performance genre, Patrick delivers a powerful and impactful message to a variety of audiences.

COLLEGE/YOUNG ADULT The unrelenting issue of Drug Abuse and Misuse is a concern every college campus is facing today. Students are seeking an identity created by the existing media culture and peer pressure. Patrick Howell has a compelling answer for this problem.

  • Power and Consequence of Choice
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Character and Leadership

CHURCH/CHRISTIAN MARKET After years of serious, in-depth personal development, Patrick Howell attributes much of his personal growth to the reconnection to God and his spirituality. He believes Faith is an action word, not simply a state of mind. Patrick delivers a truly unique message of redemption, empowerment and hope for the journey of life.

  • God’s Redemptive Grace
  • Empowering Ordinary People for Extraordinary Life
  • The Action of Faith

CORPORATE  Patrick Howell combines his multiple six-figure business success, including numerous sales and management awards, with his own experience in Life and Corporate Burnout to position himself as a Dynamic Life Balance and Performance Expert.

  • Personal Branding
  • Managing Diverse Personalities
  • Achieving Life Balance that WORKS

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